My name is Mika.
I am 13 years old.

I love music.

You can find me on YouTube or at a Jam Session.

Mika at YouTube

About me

I love Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Rock and classical music, especially improvising with other musicians.

I started playing the keyboard as soon as I could sit on the floor and finally got piano lessons at the age of 4. I added guitar and drums when I was 5.

I have what they call "the perfect pitch". People also say I have a lot of fantasy which shows in my music.

Though my eyes are fine I don't see as well as other children. That's because of the septo optic dysplasia.

I wear an invisible cerebral shunt, which makes sure my high power musical brains keep the right pressure.

BARAYE Instrumental & Text

Download my instrumental version and German lyrics of BARAYE by Shervin Hajipour.

German Lyrics Instrumental Audio

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I have my own YouTube channel. Check it out!

Mika (13) mit der Juniorband des LJJO Hessen - "Out Of The Doghouse"

April 2023 - 13 years

Jazz-Medley - Kids-Jazz-Festival Leipzig 2023 - Mika (13)

March 2023 - 13 years

Making of SMILE AT THE MIRROR - Mika Mai feat. Liv

February 2023 - 13 years

Mika Rocky Mai feat. Liv - SMILE AT THE MIRROR

February 2023 - 13 years

KOMET - Rocky Remix - Udo Lindenberg & Apache 207

February 2023 - 13 years


January 2023 - 13 years

Rockytrio - ENTZAUBERT

December 2022 - 13 years

JACOB COLLIER - Never gonna be alone - Challenge (Mika)

September 2022 - 13 years

Elsa & Emilie - AU VOLANT - PIANO COVER by Mika (12)

August 2022 - 12 years

Rockytrio - HAU' DIE GLOCKE!

August 2022 - 12 years

Rockytrio - GLETSCHER

August 2022 - 12 years

The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber - STAY - DRUM COVER by Mika (12)

May 2022 - 12 years

Mika (12) mit der Juniorband des LJJO Hessen - "Pick up the pieces"

April 2022 - 12 years

Mika (12) - Vorschau und "Making - of" zu meinem neuen Song "Musikproduzent"

April 2022 - 12 years